Sunday, April 11, 2010


من فکر کنم قبلان براتون یه مدل دیگه از این ساعت رو گذشته بودم که صفحه آبی داشت مثل ۲ تا چشم بود روش!! حالا این یکیشو ببینید آاو حالشو ببرید

MB&F is about individuals and individualists demand choice, so we developed HM3 in two versions: ‘Sidewinder’, with its cones perpendicular to the arm; and ‘Starcruiser’, with its cones

in-line with the arm. Each has its own very distinct visual characteristics; each offers its own unique angle on telling the time.
HM3’s twin cones indicate hours and minutes respectively, with the hour cone capped by a day/night indicator. An over-sized date wheel – the wheel is actually a larger diameter than the movement - allows for large, clearly legible numbers, with the date indicated by a neatly engraved triangle.
Turning the watch over reveals the technical secret behind the inverted movement: two large, high-tech ceramic bearings that efficiently transmit power up to the cones and the date wheel.
Delivery of the first HM3 pieces will start March/April 2009, and we expect to deliver approximately 25 pieces of each reference over the following 12 months.

HM3 Sidewinder in White Gold & Titanium

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