Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ببین با لگو چی‌ کار کرده!! دوست میدارم

داداشمون قبلان وکیل بوده!! فکر کن، رسما گفته کون لقه وکالت زده تو کاره لگو بازی. دمش گرم من که حال کردم کلی‌

LEGO brick artist nathan sawaya's 'brick by brick' is the first solo exhibition of his art works,
comprised entirely of LEGO bricks, in new york. sawaya quit his job as a corporate lawyer
back in 2001 to pursue his childhood fascination with the ubiquitous building blocks,
transforming them into an artistic medium. he has used LEGO's shapes and bright colors
to develop a range of sculptures including pop culture icons, the human form, planets.
he's even created a life-sized self-portrait, expressing the limitless possibilities of this medium.


  1. :)))))))))) dada Rasman Bikare !!! vali damesh garm ;)

  2. damesh garm man ke kheyli hal kardam

  3. in baba rasman mokhesh tab dare vekalat shoghl be in khodaEro vel karde rafti aroosak bazi