Saturday, February 27, 2010

Confiance by Maryam Gueramian

Khob khedmateh hame doostaan arz konam ke maa rasman khanevadegii honarmandim!! khaheshan bezanin be takhteh loll in axayi ke mibinid design e jadide lebasi hast ke cousin e man (Cousin:Famile nazdik o ma inja migim cousin LOL) baraye foroosh gozashteh va ham linke online kharidan va hata maghazehayi ke mifrooshano payin e safhe gozashtam! sharmande kasayi ke too iran hastan felan oonja fek nakonam befrooshan vali age oonvaram joor shod khabaresho behetooon midam. tozihesho baratoon dar edameyeh matlab gozashtam! omidvaram ke khoshetoon biyad.

The brand is called "Confiance" which is inserted in a thinking blurb. Confiance means Confidence in French. The reason why I chose the name confiance and decided to insert it in a thinking blurb is due to my strong belief that if you think confidence then you feel confident and show confidence as well.
My first design is inspired by one of my own paintings of the evil eye, which is printed on either the back or the front of the shirts. I mainly put the design on the back due to its significance of warding off evil eye and jealousy coming from people who talk behind your back. The evil eye symbol originated in the eastern culture but it has now gained popularity among the western culture as well. I, personally believe in the power of the eye, which is why I originally made the painting and since I'm also into fashion and design and noticed that everyone is wearing the eye charms, I thought that they would look great on shirts and gain popularity among those who believe in the evil eye.

Other designs including guy shirt designs are in the making so stay tuned!

Maryam’s shirts are being sold at multiple boutiques in Los Angeles.

Here is a list of places to buy the shirts:

Note: Both front or back designs are available in each color and size (S, M, L, XL)

Beauty Bar Apothecary – 158 South Beverly Dr., Beverly Hills, CA

Blush Boutique Encino -16101 Ventura Boulevard, Encino, CA (818)788-3893

Blush Boutique Calabasas- 23671 Calabasas Rd, Calabasas, CA (818)222-5874

Metalica – 7622 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA

For more information on Maryam Gueramian and her designs as well as amazing artwork, please check out her website at:


  1. do ta axe avali rasman filtere!
    honarmando khoob oomadi:D

  2. Thanks for the blog Khashayar :) It looks great! you're soo funny...telling peolple to knock on wood haha