Monday, December 7, 2009

Stephen Wiltshire draws manhattan skyline from memory

Stephen wiltshire drawing the manhattan skyline
image © stephen wiltshire

british artist stephen wiltshire is currently attempting to draw the manhattan skyline
from memory. since monday october 26th wiltshire began filling in an 18 foot canvas
at the pratt institute, brooklyn. the drawing is expected to be complete by friday.
you can follow his progress through the live webcam here.

wiltshire diagnosed with autism at the age of three displays an unusually powerful
photographic memory that he has applied to rendering cityscapes. he can look at the subject
of his drawing once and reproduce it accurately with photographic detail, down to the exact
number of columns or windows on a building. he memorizes their shapes, locations
and the architecture.

having completed cityscapes of some of the world’s most iconic cities - london, tokyo,
hong kong, rome, madrid, frankfurt, dubai, and jerusalem, the new york panorama marks
wiltshire’s last cityscape. after this piece is complete, he said he will pursue drawing
individual buildings.

image © stephen wiltshire

image © stephen wiltshire

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