Sunday, December 13, 2009

michael young: PXR-8 digital watch

matte gunmetal stainless steel / black rubber strap
40.0 x 50.0 x 8.8 mm

PXR-8 series is the second of two new watch collections designed by michael young for DD-3.
it is made from stainless steel with matte and brushed finishes. the PXR-8 series adds to young's
iconic PXR-6 digital watch and new PXR-7.

the PXR-8 series takes apart the key elements of his PXR-6 to create this new design.
the rubber strap is connected to two a 2-piece case. a feature of the watch are the plug in strap ends,
with the upper faces revealed in openings on the upper case. rather than replicating the standard
screw-on or bolt-on back, the watch has been designed in such a way that it wraps to meet the
upper case and is the means of securing the rubber strap to the watch case. the machined case is
distinguished by a softened and curved rectilinear form which features a new custom made
digital module.

for this new form, young wanted to increase the size to better express the detailing of both the
case strap and their means of marriage, while accommodating the larger digital display.

brushed stainless steel / black rubber strap
40.0 x 50.0 x 8.8 mm

the timepiece's case is machined from durable high grade stainless steel and comes in
natural brushed or matte black and matte gunmetal finishes. it has a water resistance of up to
50 metres and comes with an enlarged digital display - an LCD reversed light on black surround -
with improved back lighting. it has a black rubber strap with stainless steel matching case.
each watch is individually numbered and engraved with young's signature.

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