Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Take An Hermes Helicopter to the Airport in Japan

Jetsetting executives in Japan will soon be able to slash their travelling time from downtown Tokyo to Narita International Airport by a new helicopter service offered by Japanese property developer Mori Building Co. Ltd., which starts on 16 September.

And it’s not just any run-of-the-mill heli service – you’ll be whisked off to your destination in the Hermes leather-clad interiors of the $10 million EC135 chopper in 30 minutes, instead of the one-hour-and-a-half hours it normally takes to make the 70 km journey.

A limousine service will take you from your home, office or hotel to the ARK Hills Heliport in Akasaka for the 15-minute chopper ride in the "l'Helicoptere par Hermes" to Narita (Sakura) Heliport, where a limo awaits for the trip to the airport.

All that luxury and time-saving comes at a price – 75,000 yen (or USD788) for a one-way trip, and 135,000 (or USD1,419) for a round trip, to be precise. The company says the luxury chopper will operate up to 22 flights a day, and take four passengers per trip.

And from now till 31 December, you can now take advantage of the service’s promotional rate of 57,000 yen (or USD598) and 105,000 yen (or USD1,100) for one-way and round-trip respectively.

Speaking to Reuters, Mori Building spokeswoman Kyoko Morisawa said: "This service is for business executives who want to buy time.

“But I'm afraid no food or drink services will be offered on board."

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