Monday, September 28, 2009


Birdman ft Jay Sean - Written on her

a lil of hip hop/ rap and house!!! incase u didnt notice its a Deadmou5 loop thats playing in the background!!!!

World Leaders - 'Testicles!'

OMFG = Adriana Lima

Abjeez & Congo Man Crew

Couple of months old but still Good!!!


I think this guys by far is one of the best best best hip hop rappers out there right now!!!! his style, his lyrics is FRESHHHHH!!!!! Kanyeeeee knew what he was doing when he signed him onto GOOD MUSIC record label!!!!

Barobax - Baba to ki hasti

Alright i know this im gonna get shit for from khashiii vali i heard it in iran this summer and i think its cool...... its a remake of course!!! Barobax did a remake of this song by Shantel - Disco Partizani. I'll post both of them and maybeeeeeeeeeeee just maybe you will find it cool!!!

Very Co0o0o0o0ol Site 4 Music Lovers!!!!!

Jay Z's Concert Dates and Tickets!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Performance at Yost Theatre-Me & Erf- Tasmim

Link to download: